CBS' "Mom" vaunts DV against men in its latest episode

This is hard for me to post because "Mom" is hands-down my favorite TV show. However, what I saw this past Thursday was upsetting and annoying, especially as one of my fave actresses was the offending party. I do wonder if maybe there wasn't some controversy in including the man-whack she delivered but the producers went along anyway? Guess we may never know. Anyway, the episode is "Too Many Hippies and Huevos Rancheros" and can be seen here. Jump to time mark 15:30 and watch. Bonnie whacks her boyfriend across the back of the head at 15:38 in chastisement of him not being romantic enough.

Contact CBS about their "humorous" promotion and tacit approval of routinized DV against men delivered by women, something apparently so acceptable that it completely failed to be noticed by CBS' otherwise scrupulously-sensitive content reviewers. I guess so long as the violence is done by a woman against a man, it's OK by CBS. "CBS cares". Well, only if you're female, apparently.

Send CBS Audience feedback here.

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"Please see:

You will see what I am talking about shortly. If the sexes had been reversed, would that scene have aired? CBS, in addition to sexual misconduct allegations against some of your managers, etc., you need to look at how you are promoting DV against a group marginalized in that context: men. I think perhaps you should issue a public apology for airing that scene and implement measures to stop such abusive content from being broadcast again."

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Double standards about sexual harassment--see Joy Behar and Robin Williams above. Leeann Tweeden, whose accusations lead Franken to resign, also is shown in a picture to be touching Robin Williams in a very sexual way.

And double standards in regard to DV, as this case shows.

If a man does it, it's bad. If a woman does it, it's okay, acceptable.

The gal from Kansas whose campaign is ending is very much the exception to the rule.

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