Hymns Are Sexist – Fight The Patriarchy With Hyrrs

Article here. Excerpt:

'Are you tired of being festive? Can’t stand singing those cheerful holiday songs? Does the Christmas spirit just seem outdated and offensive to you?

Well, you’re in luck. Because ad agency Grey London has teamed up with Goldstein Music and Refuge Women’s Charity to bring you Hyrrs, the woke alternative to Christmas hymns.

Hyrrs are intended to raise funds and awareness for “women in need,” although it’s not immediately clear who the women are or what they need. Judging by some of these PG-13 lyrics, however, they might just need a bar of soap in the mouth.

Take “Kick The Balls,” for example. It’s an updated version of “Deck The Halls” and is sure to elicit tons of questions about social mores from young aspiring carolers.'

HYRRS - Kick the balls on YouTube.

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