When you don’t need a conviction to be guilty

Letter here. Excerpt:

'In today’s political climate, allegations of sexual abuse and allegations are being thrown out like candy at a Halloween Trunk or Treat.

In these cases, there have been no charges laid or convictions upheld, yet the people at the center of the allegations have lost their jobs, reputations and their family’s name is forever smeared. This is regardless of whether they actually committed the crimes or not, and the world doesn’t care if they committed them – it’s a class case of jumping on the bandwagon and that of mob justice.

Our justice system is supposed to be based on the principle of “innocent until proven guilty,” but as many who have been through the system can tell you, it’s far from this in reality. Many take plea deals as they don’t have the funds for a good defense attorney, others have no way of defending themselves other than their own testimony and it becomes a “he said, she said” situation, and others become collateral damage in a flawed system. The ramifications are so much worse for those that are convicted of sex crimes as America continues its puritanical war on sex.'

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