Newseek: Women over 85 are happier because their husbands have died

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women become progressively happier as they age, according to a health survey conducted in England. They have higher rates of poor mental health than men throughout much of their lives, until over the age of 85, when women’s overall happiness increases and men’s decreases.

With the exception of the elderly set, women were more likely than men to have poor mental health at nearly every age. Overall, 21 percent of women reported mental health problems, compared to 16 percent of men. The change that occurred over a lifetime—leading to less mental health concerns among women—was likely due to the specific burden of responsibilities that women often carry, according to the dean of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Kate Lovett. Further, many women are widowed by then, which psychiatrists say may also be a factor.

Women “are still more likely to bear the brunt of domestic and caring responsibilities,” Lovett told the Times. As women age, that burden may lessen as they are no longer responsible for children and elderly parents.

“Men who are single, windowed or divorced are more vulnerable to developing depression and men who are in this age bracket may be more likely to be on their own,” Lovett said. “Paradoxically married women are often more likely to develop depression.”'

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Bookmark that story. Any time a woman pesters you re marriage, tell her you won't for her own good and send her the link.

Marriage goes away = everyone happier. Of course the gov't LOVES marriage b/c it lets them get more of men's money over to them. I always wondered why they bothered. They can always just print up more. But I guess they like taking it from men more. There's no meal more delicious than one you don't have to pay for.

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