Appeals judge grills university that told Title IX hearing panel ‘future of 1000 girls’ was at stake

Article here. Excerpt:

'So far, one federal appeals court has issued a ringing endorsement of the right to gender-neutral treatment in campus Title IX proceedings.

If one judge’s comments during oral argument last week are indicative, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will join its sibling 2nd Circuit, which last year reinstated an anti-male bias lawsuit against Columbia University.

The 6th Circuit was hearing a case against Ohio’s private Denison University, which expelled a male student after his female sex partner accused him of nonconsensual sex stemming from another male student spiking her alcoholic drink with a date rape drug at a party.

Though the female had left the party to join “John Doe” in his room, and multiple witnesses testified she didn’t appear incapacitated, she accused Doe of rape via incapacitation – only after claiming the partygoing male (“Man Bun”) had retaliated against her for saying he drugged her.'

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