Wolf-Whistling Could Become a Hate Crime in London, Say Police

Article here. Excerpt:

'Wolf-whistling and making comments perceived as sexist could become hate crimes in London, police have said.

The Metropolitan Police Force revealed they have been consulting with other forces about cracking down on “gender-based hate crime” after similar behaviour was criminalised in other parts of the country.

Last year, Nottinghamshire Police became the first in the UK to record “misogyny” as a hate crime, potentially criminalising complimenting, texting, and catcalling women in certain contexts.
Hate incidents in the UK only need to be “perceived” by the alleged victim “or any other person”, and the Crown Prosecution Service recently confirmed that “no evidence” is needed for one to be reported and recorded.

Many forces even consider “dislike” and “unfriendliness” as forms of hate crime.'

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The UK, esp. London, and big parts of the US are awash in rivers of cheap, powerful opioids. Bilions, maybe trillions, of $$ is siphoned off our economies yearly by illegal drug sales. Ppl are dropping dead as the final act of betrayal after countless others against friends, family, and strangers.

AND YET, London police are now trying to make rude, annoying behavior a HATE crime? How about this: consider such behavior harrassment/disorderly conduct and handle it like that. Or does that make too much sense?

Some ppl actually think being unfriendly rises to a hate crime standard?

SMH. What has happened to the Land of my Ancestors?

In the TV series "The Prisoner", the lead actor and series creator, Patrick McGoohan, in one ep gets in trouble for being "unmutual", ie, being unfriendly/uncooperative. He is summomed to The Village's City Hall to be processed. After arriving, he witnesses another resident being processed for unmutuality. The man is obliged to confess his crime of unmutuality and beg forgiveness, which he is denied.

Patrick McGoohan was prophetic.

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between being prophetic and being able to predict what the brain dead feminists and their minions will try to get away with next. if u will recall fem's have been trying for decades to get the statute of limitations done away with for sex related accusations. remember how 'all women should be believed', and 'only a very small (single digit) % of accusations by women are false'?

all that was needed for this present witch hunt to succeed was for good men to do nothing. that too was predicted.

problem is, when the number of men replaced by women reaches critical mass, much like every other system on earth, our's will crash. then who is going to fix it when it breaks? almost any woman can drive a car, but very, very few can even change the oil, or a tire, or physically add antifreeze. simple maintenance. sadly, I've seen female mech. eng's who couldn't, so don't count on these affirmative action diplomas to save anybody.

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