Canada: "Women's Secret Police" to review Police determinations

Article here. Excerpt:

'Advocates for women say a new pilot project — which allows outside experts in gender-based violence to review sexual assault investigations by police in Ontario and Alberta — will increase the number of charges laid and improve public trust.

Sexual assault investigations in Ottawa, Timmins, Ont., Peterborough, Ont., London, Ont., and Calgary will be reviewed by an outside panel of experts who work with survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Kingston, Ont., and Stratford, Ont., are also part of the pilot and completed their case reviews earlier this fall. 

Experts in violence against women estimate that fewer than one per cent of sexual assaults result in criminal convictions.'

h/t to John Hembling who points out that handing over such Police decisions to an outside, civilian body without ANY oversight is unprecedented and most likely illegal under the Police Act:

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