"Should I report sexual harassment if I then slept with the man?"

Article here. Excerpt:

'The dilemma Should I report sexual harassment I received even though I later had a sexual relationship with the harasser? Years ago I worked as a volunteer for a political party and while showing me some work on a computer, a senior staff member repeatedly touched my knee. He said sorry, and then did it again, about seven times. He finished by saying: “I’ll need to report myself for sexual harassment now.”
In your case, whether you later had a relationship with this man, or used his reference, doesn’t condone his initial transgression, but it suggests enough ambiguity to make it worth examining your motives in coming forward. If you’d been more confident of your own voice, as with so many of these cases, you would no doubt have removed his hand and ended the matter there and then. Only you know whether the knee touching was the opening gambit in an ill-judged flirtation or an abuse of power – and it sounds like you felt it was the latter. As for “letting women down” it would be an act of sisterhood to now draw attention to his historic behaviour in order to support others who may have suffered at his hands.'

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At this point, I say, go with hookers. And never flirt with much less fuck anyone you work with, esp. if you hold any position of power regardless of who is in your chain of command.

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The woman in this story presents herself as a victim throughout. She blames the relationship on drink and her vulnerability. Thus, she takes no responsibility for her behavior and blames him for everything.

That's why women like to portray themselves as victims--they can avoid any responsibility for what happens. They're not really adults. They're more like children.

And because women have no responsibility, men have it all. Men are the adults in the relationship. And as adults, they can be held accountable for their behavior. So after the man has a voluntary relationship with the woman, she goes back and nails him for sexual harassment. He loses his career and job while she is called courageous for her actions.

This makes women toxic. A man today can trust a woman about as much as the Cherokee could trust the white man.

Matt is right that hookers are a better option. But in many cities today, it's the john who gets busted, not the hooker, so go somewhere where being a hooker is legal.

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