Why ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Is A Toxic Concept

Article here. Excerpt:

'But shouldn’t the concept of “toxic masculinity” should be opposed by something on the other side? Namely, something good. For example, in between the Paddock shooting and the Weinstein scandal, the Nobel Prizes were announced. Nine prizes in science were awarded, nine men won.

As of 2015, men had won 825 of the 871 Nobel Prizes since 1901, or 94.7 percent. In physics, the ratio is 199 to 2. Yes, there have obviously been institutional barriers for women in the past, but all such barriers have been removed. While discrimination may still play a roll, the Cornell University study shows that, in STEM fields, women’s resumes were preferred over identical male ones by a ratio of two to one.

As one might expect, feminists berated the Nobel Prizes as being “sexist.” This highlights the problem. While it is not a contradiction per se, it does seem that the prism through which feminists view the world mandates that men are somehow bad no matter what. If men do something bad, they have “toxic masculinity.” If they do something good, that simply proves that men are discriminating against women as there’s no way men could do something better than women without oppressing them.'

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where some professor in n.j (?) has research showing that eating meat causes men to be so toxic. (pjmedi a) I believe.

as a kid sitting by my grandfather's deathbed I remember him telling me that meat caused him to have gas real bad. same thing huh?

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