Obama: Put more women in power

Article here. He doesn't want to generalize, then he does. So Mr. President, if you could re-do it, would you voluntarily have stepped aside to let HRC get the presidency? Excerpt:

'Asked to list leadership qualities for the future, Obama advocated "more focus on putting women in power, because men seem to be having some problems these days."

Speak for yourself, pal. It's disgusting to see him lump all men into the same disgusting category as the Hollywood and media elites and say they're practically all out sex-harassing. It also suggests he means to excuse these elites since 'all men do it.' He's still at it, placing large groups of people into special interest groups instead of recognizing individuals.
"Not to generalise, but women seem to have a better capacity than men do, partly because of their socialisation," said the 56-year-old Democrat who left office in January.

A better capacity for leadership? Despite the evidence of history? Then some claptrap about 'socialization'? And he's the one (being a man) declaring the change? This calls to mind the patronizing statement he made to Hillary Clinton in 2008, that she's 'likeable enough.' Spare us this patronizing boob who seems to think we are stupid and easily fooled.'

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but have u guys ever taken a hard look at this fraud's cred's? at one time there was a u t video where a computer expert (expert witness in court cases) takes his so called birth certificate apart, layer by layer. there are 9 of them. very common that computer layering thing in 1961 i'm sure. there are different fonts throughout the doc. each removable layer takes different areas away as each is removed, including the stamp and signatures. it lists his pappy as being of the 'African' race, and as being from kenya. that's odd since kenya wasn't even a word in 1961. the country was named after its 1st p.m. in 1963. I saw it again the other nite while doing crosswords. 8 years this guy was in the presidency, the most powerful position in the world, and NOBODY on any news channel had the cahones to ever even put an image of this doc on the screen and show its many faults.

much like the sandy hook hoax videos, this video author had a hard time keeping his video on u t. even today, news channels won't even do a little research and show us the truth. that's some more of that affirmative action education for sure.

hey, at least I won't be called a sexist this time. labeling people to discredit them. alinski much?

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