"Mansplaining affects the educational progress for women at IC"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Junior Gillian Friebis said she usually does not speak in class, but that when she decided to raise her hand one day in her politics course, she was shut down by a man in the class. It was an experience she feared would occur after seeing other women being interrupted in the same fashion by other men.

During a class discussion about the political relationship between Catalonia and Spain, Friebis spoke only to be immediately and repeatedly interrupted by a man who said he was trying to play the devil’s advocate to her point.

“After he kept talking over me, I didn’t keep trying, because I knew it was going to happen again, and it reminded me, ‘Oh yeah, this is why I don’t talk in this class,’” Friebis said.

Women at Ithaca College, like Friebis, said they have experienced and witnessed similar scenarios in their classrooms where women’s thoughts are disregarded, shut down, re-explained and interrupted by men, and in some cases, male professors. Friebis’ experience is an example of sexist behavior in the classroom, which is commonly dubbed as “mansplaining:” when a man comments on or explains something to a woman in a condescending, overconfident and often inaccurate or oversimplified manner, according to Dictionary.com. While mansplaining is one form of sexist behavior in the classroom, men interrupting women and re-explaining their thoughts also reinforces societal gender hierarchies.'

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Used to happen to me too in college. But that's what college is for: arguing, debating, challenging, esp. in the Humanities. I had other students interrupt me, profs did likewise, etc. If you can't handle debates, don't go to college.

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the latest way women use to try to silence male voices? It's simply the notion that anything a man says can be discounted because he's "mansplaining"?

The article suggests men who "dominate" class conversations should be forbidden from speaking so only female voices can be heard.

Play the victim and get what you want--to silence the other party.

So much of feminism is simply good ole female manipulation writ large.

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"So much of feminism is simply good ole female manipulation writ large."

The orig. women's movement was based on appeals to justice and equity, which is why it was so successful. Today's feminism treats every debate like an argument between lovers: no rules, just manipulation. That is bc arguments between lovers are typically not about justice/fairness but instead are rooted in hurt feelings. And we all know feelings are often hurt not by a lack of justice but more because someone isn't getting whatever it is they want from the other party.

This is why arguing w/ a feminist of today is a waste of time. It's about what she wants and her feelings, not justice. Don't waste your time with her in any way, shape, or form. Only reason to argue feelings-based issues is bc you want to keep a rel'p. There's no reason to keep a rel'p of any kind w/ a feminist so don't bother arguing with them.

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