Ned Ryun: "Toxic Masculinity" Culture Created By Left Removing Virtue, Manliness Out Of Our Boys

Article here. Excerpt:

'Some of us, and this is why I wrote that piece have rejected that culture. We actually believe in self-discipline. We actually believe in virtue. The other great irony in all of this Tucker, the left not only created toxic masculinity, they have enabled it. You look at the Harvey Weinsteins and the Bill Clintons and the John Conyers and the Al Frankens. And then they want to as your guest just tried to make the argument they want to pin that terrible behavior of some men on all men and in fact say that all men are guilty of toxic masculinity when, in fact, we are not and we are not even capable of abusing those around us.
And so, there are some of us -- many of us that actually believe in this world that we're in that, again, what sets us apart is self-discipline and respect and virtue and a certain behavior. It's the small decisions that make the man. And, again, we refuse to be pinned with this toxic masculinity because many of us have lived our lives in a very different way. And, in fact, where it's coming from is the behavior of the left and their conditioning of the culture that they have created.

And you know, when you see some of these things that are taking place in our education system, it's of deep concern to me. Listen, I'm all for women, for all the breakthrough they have made for girl power. All of those great things. I think the pendulum has swung too far the other way.

I think the boys that are being left behind.

CARLSON: Being for women does not mean being against men, of course.

RYUN: We'll see, I think that's where the left has gone wrong.

CARLSON: No, I couldn't agree more.

RYUN: But in response to the toxic masculinity they have created, they wanted to keep our voices suspended in this Peter Pan state and refuse to let them be men. In fact, they don't even want us boys to be boys. They want us to be girls. So, I think it is something we have to push back right now and not let it continue down this path.'

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