Shame silences Britain's male slaves, stops them seeking support

Article here. Excerpt:

'Male survivors of slavery in Britain are often overlooked compared with female victims because shame stops many men speaking out and seeking support, campaigners said on Monday.

Men who have been enslaved are less likely than women to recognise their ordeal as a crime or report it to authorities, leaving them isolated, vulnerable to drug abuse and at risk of being re-trafficked, according to the British charity Hestia.

"It's much more difficult to get men to engage after slavery - they are more likely to write it off as just a bad employment experience, even in cases of brutality," Patrick Ryan, chief executive of Hestia, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

"Men tend to face more of a struggle than women to recover, and not dealing with this can create a risk of re-trafficking," said Ryan of Hestia, which provides refuge and support for victims of domestic abuse and modern slavery, mainly in London.'

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