S. Africa: "Women are smarter than men"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Females do outshine boys at school and at university‚ a study at Stelllenbosch University has found.

“On average girls actually do better than boys. They learn to read much quicker than boys do (which is true of pretty much all middle- and high-income countries). In South Africa girls also perform better in mathematics‚” say doctors Nic Spaull and Hendrik van Broekhuizen from the research group on Socio-Economic Policy (ReSEP) in Stellenbosch University’s Department of Economics.
“We examined 19 fields of study and find that females are significantly more likely to get a degree in 12 of the 19 fields (often by substantial margins)‚ and are significantly less likely to get a degree in five of the 19 fields.”

“However‚ this is almost entirely because they do not access these traditionally ‘male’ programs rather than due to lower completion rates once they are in. Only in Engineering and Computer Science do girls do worse than boys once they are accepted to the programme.”

The researchers add that one of their most interesting findings was that females are always and everywhere 20% less likely to dropout than their male counterparts (including in traditionally ‘male’ fields like Engineering and Computer Science)‚ even after controlling for field of study‚ race‚ age‚ socioeconomic status‚ location or institution.

And this isn’t just a South African phenomenon‚ say the researchers.

“The emergence of a female advantage at school and at university is a global trend among middle and high-income countries. In the 33 countries that make up the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) – mainly a club of rich countries – 58% of bachelor’s degrees were awarded to women. In South Africa it is 61%.”'

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*** 11/29/17 UPDATE: Either they relented or never censored it in the first place and my browser cache had f*cked me. Either way, the orig. comment is as of the moment there. ***

I posted a comment. It basically said that good scholars don't always or even too often make good DO-ers. I offered up my own dad as an example. Great scholar, terrible do-er. He was good at teaching, for sure, but little else. B/c a kid is good in school doesn't make him or her the most desirable of employees. Ppl who get things done make the better employees.

I then pointed out the traits of boys so unwelcome in schools are the hallmarks of ppl who like to do things. Making boys sit around for hours doesn't come naturally to them. They grow up to make good employees b/c they like to go do things. Not to say women do not as a rule, nor are all men good do-ers (again, my dad was a lousy do-er). Just this: great scholars do not often make great business success stories. Take Bill Gates as an example. He dropped out of college b/c it was a waste of his time to sit around and study. He got busy creating Microsoft.

I then pointed out to the reader that everything around them had to be done. And it was probably done by men. Buildings, plumbing, electrical, etc. So who needs men? Apparently, we all do.

This post was live for maybe 5 mins. Then, it disappeared. The editors decided to censor my post.

And so it goes.

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Matt - Great points all - and Matt your comment was there - unless you reposted so lets not be inconsistent. (Different than above - but paraphrased the same points)

As this site NEVER lets me post without heavy Editorial intervention - if they post 50% of what I submit - is a little rich.

Anyways only about 10 people come to it.

TEST 3, 2, 1

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Looks like either they relented or my browser was just being hokey.

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