UK: 21-Year-Old Woman Controlled Ex-Boyfriend’s Life for Two Years by Impersonating Police Officers

Article here. Incredible. Obviously she was dastardly but as bad as what she did was, grudgingly, you've got to respect the sheer chutzpah. Anyway, glad they caught her. Excerpt:

'A jealous woman was somehow able to control her ex-boyfriend’s life – forbidding him from seeing other women and even going to certain bars – for two years, by posing as police officers and convincing him that he was part of an investigation.

21-year-old Lauren Adderley and Mitchell Lloyd, 22, both from Shrewsbury, UK, were in a romantic relationship for only two months, in 2014, but even though Lloyd made it clear he wanted nothing more to do with her after that, the young woman spent the next two years making his life a living hell. She put together a sophisticated blackmail plan that was put into motion right after the breakup. Lauren told her ex that she had been the victim of a crime and asked him to provide a statement to the police. He accepted, and was soon contacted by a certain Robert Hay, supposedly a police officer and a friend of Adderley’s family, asking for the statement by email. Little did Mitchell know that Robert Hay was actually an online alias of Lauren’s, and that he would become his biggest nightmare.

In order to keep the scam looking legit, Adderley dumped the “Robert Hay” alias, adopting “Darren Clarke”, a different police officer who had taken over the case, due to Hay’s personal connection to Lauren Adderley. After a while, the case was turned over to a certain Elaine Thomas, a “senior police officer”, and the nightmare continued.
Two years into the relentless blackmail, Mitchell Lloyd finally found the courage to tell his friends what he had been going through, and they advised him to go to the police about it. Real officers were immediately able to deduce that the emails he had been receiving were fake, and eventually trace them back to a certain Lauren Adderley, and she was jailed for nine months.'

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