Piers Morgan decries indifference to false accusations

Article here. Excerpt:

'I'm a man.

There, I've said it. At the risk of offending the world's increasing army of hypersensitive PC-crazed snowflakes, I am proudly and unapologetically identifying as a male.

I realise that for some people, this admission alone is currently tantamount to having me fired, arrested and possibly publicly executed.

Think I'm being ridiculous?

Think again.

Last night, popular US Teen Vogue writer Emily Lindin tweeted this to her 22,000 followers: 'Here's an unpopular opinion. I'm not actually at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations.'

So yes, for some people like Ms Lindin, just being a man right now is enough to warrant a career and life being wrongly destroyed.

She is the very worst kind of radical feminist, the kind that hates men so much it blinds her even to basic fairness and justice.'

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... that as soon as some feminists have obtained party political power, their first and immediate actions entail launching campaigns of personal destruction against prominent male Democrats.

My first impression is that a move is on to drive men away from the Demo party. I do believe the current DNC leadership seeks to make the Ds the Feminist Party, not so much the Progressive/PC Party it's been the past 30 years.

What a blunder. But hey, they must be doing something right. After all, feminists have managed to seize the reins of the DNC.

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If a man is hurt, that's okay.
If a woman is hurt, that's bad.

If a man hurts a woman, that's bad.
If a woman hurts a man, that's okay.

If a man does something bad, it's bad.
If a woman does the same thing, it's not as bad (or even okay).

In fact, most of what is called sexual harassment is just men thinking it's okay to act like women. A man walks out of a shower naked, that's sexual harassment. A woman walks out of a shower naked, well, the man just got lucky.

The gal who accused Al Franken was apparently going around grabbing men's backsides--and no one called it sexual harassment. But Al Franken took a picture pretending to grope her breasts, and it's off with his head.

It's not what is done; it's who does it, a man or a woman.

And, I have solution for female legislators who complain about sexual harassment: don't vote for them. We all have to do our part to protect women.

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