"White men, sexual assault is our problem and it’s time to acknowledge it"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Fellow white males, sexual assault and harassment is our problem. We have to acknowledge the damage we are doing to society. We’ve got to own the idea that an attempt to stop it starts with us.

Trust me, I know a lot of you have already stopped reading this because of those first three sentences. My message to you: you are part of the problem, so get the hell out of the way if you don’t want to acknowledge the issue. As Shooter McGavin in “Happy Gilmore” says, “Damn you people, go back to your shanties”.
First step, stop being terrible people. Not every person wants your advances, so keep your hands and lips to yourself. If you’re in a position of power, treat everyone with the same respect they give to you. It doesn’t give you free rein to live out your creepy sexual desires with innocent people.

Second step, educate yourself. Make sure you understand the severity of the problem and how much it can negatively affect a victim. Ask a survivor and I’m sure they will tell you the scars it has left on them.'

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... in a powerful position has EVER engaged in sexual misconduct. Of any kind. In a pathological or non-pathological way. Never.

No, seriously. For real. Really.

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are cherry picking crime stats. according to the stats 43% of the 'ALLEGED' perps are non-white males.

personally, I think we all need to take a knee here (note: no anthem playing) and wonder why something that may or may not have happened decades ago is so relevant now. could it be that the party driven by feminists is getting desperate? in recent years they have lost the presidency, both houses of congress and thousands of local and state races. still, they keep on racing w/ the same ole worn out horses w/ the same ole tired jockeys w/ the same ole outdated messages. then they demand absolute allegiance to some not-so-popular causes, to say the least.

example: a woman is not a real woman unless she believes in all types of abortion for women, on demand. (paraphrased of course)

can't speak about women in other parts of the country, but down here late term abortion and partial birth abortion are considered an abomination by just about everybody. telling us lies about how taxpayer $$ isn't funding it just shows arrogance and a lack of respect for our collective intelligence. i think most reasonable people agree women should have choices, just especially not when the 'fetus/baby' can survive on its own if necessary. others have other cut off points. everybody is diff. that's what makes our philosophy unique in the world. we don't demand allegiance to any cause, but respect for all opinions. notice how the question is NEVER worded like that? its just for or against. this is just one way the dem's have lost it.

example: read the above article.

feminists have forever been trying to tie men to a long lost past, some 'ALLEGED' act decades ago, especially wealthy ones. we have a 'statute of limitations' on most laws for some very good reasons, the usual exceptions being murder and kidnapping. did these things really happen as claimed? here is where the defense of 'i can't remember' is probably a real and legit defense. the fact that they are attacking primarily white males, and especially white males in power is very telling. radical feminism (whatever flavor of the month) is on a downhill slide w/ no bottom in sight. they are hanging on to the curtains as the whole house is being washed into the past.

example: real and false allegations of rape, molestation, assault, sexual harassment and domestic violence can easily lead to the destruction of just about any man.

in this strange world of real and imagined offenses, allegations are all it takes to destroy men, families, and even our very existence, no real proof required. gossip has always been w/ us as a society, but it was usually kept where if belonged, softly spoken in private settings. it has always been the tool of scoundrels. even the Bible speaks of the havoc it can wreck. often it was used by those who would destroy for personal gain or for some secret agenda. well, in walks today's desperate feminists. this is a perfect tool to be used to destroy white men in positions of power, no real proof needed, just accusations. the more the merrier.

happy thanksgiving 2017. may the next one see us all much more enlightened.

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