"Ban Men"

Article here. Excerpt:

'The time has come to say goodbye to men, and I can hardly believe you’d need me to tell you why. They murder, a lot. They assault and abuse, a lot. They start international and domestic wars, or at least try to. They talk too much, they don’t listen, and they’re bad at their jobs. They’re not just a problem but one of the biggest problems of our era, though saying so is still uncomfortably received by most.
I bet most of us know and love at least one male individual, maybe even several, but don’t you worry that your favorite guy will go bad? Living with a gender binary is like living in a zombie movie: Of course we want to hang on to the affable dude friend who’s not yet showing symptoms of being like the others. We love him, and he’s on our side. We need all the help we can get. But he could turn into one of them at any moment.

The risk never goes away, which is part of what’s so galling about women who stand by sons or colleagues or employers or husbands accused of sexual harassment or rape. Of course the offender treats some, maybe even many, women well, but surely those same friends and family members have numerous experiences with other men who present a Jekyll face to the world only to reveal their Hyde sides as soon as they see an opportunity to get away with it. Why pretend the probable is impossible?'

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... of Femina. Really, the time has come. We have plenty of room out west. They can herd cattle and farm. Live in houses, etc.

It's too bad the planet can't do an experiment and transport all men via transporter beam to a copy of Earth and see how the women fare as a result. And just as telling, see how the men fare on their new world.

It'd be an interesting experiment.


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I couldn't agree with you more, Matt. There is nothing stopping such man-hating women from going off and forming their own Amazonias, female-only communes that totally ban men, where they wouldn't have to endure our sordid presence. Well, I take that back ... there is ONE thing: they'd have to build their own houses, collect their own garbage, pave their own roads, fix their own utilities, fix their own toilets, repair their own cars televisions computers etc. (mostly invented by men) ... and most of all, they wouldn't have anyone but themselves to blame everything on when things go wrong, as they inevitably do. No one would like more than me to see such misandric hags go off on their own and do without us (so that we can do without them). But you know they never will. They find too much pleasure in bitching about us.

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I see it as a win-win. They no longer need to live with us around and vice versa. But agreed, deep down they know they are utterly dependent on men and male ingenuity for the comfortable lives they lead. To live a man-free life is, for women, to consign oneself to a lot of difficult work you have to do yourself, getting a lot less ego-boosting attention (wanted and not), and no one to blame your problems on. That is Hell for the average woman, particularly the average feminist.

Sociologists speculate on "the end of men". I think they have it wrong. At what point will men decide women are not much relevant to them and perhaps decide to live in their own woman-free (except female androids of course) communities? Another famous prediction from yours truly: when android and AI technology gets good enough to replace women functionally in the lives of men. This I predict will happen a fair bit before men are replaceable to women.

Sad, really, but an inevitable side-effect of industrial modernity. And as I have pointed out: at least we now have a real, practical solution to the overpopulation problem. Once the population implodes to my rather arbitrary target point of 100 million humans left, what exactly we'll do to get the ball rolling again, I dunno. But anyone reading this will by that time be less than dust and ashes. We'll be molecules in the air and water. So at least that is one question we will never have to grapple with. :)

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