"I Don’t Know If I Can Raise A Good Man"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Children never fully belong to their parents. I started losing mine to the world of men years ago. My voice is strong, but what chance does it have against the chorus of voices ready to drown me out every time he steps out the front door or turns on the TV? Being told to “raise a good man” is starting to feel like the devil is telling me to keep cool while steadily raising the thermostat in hell.

Worse, when I look around at the adult men I know, I’m not sure exactly who I’m supposed to be raising him to emulate. Even the men whom I love and trust seem tied up in knots about this gender business ― one gets the impression they are constantly fighting against their instincts, carefully choosing their words while I carefully arrange my face to receive them so that we can all feel good about remaining friends. To be intimate with these men is to always be waiting, a little, for the microaggression that may or may not come.
I’m not giving up ― in fact, I’m this close to having a man-to-man real talk moment with a 6-year-old about how he should never masturbate in front of strangers or co-workers ― but there’s a whole screwed-up culture to fix if we want “raising good men” to look like more than fighting a desperate battle for our boys. Especially if we want to win.'

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Someone call CPS and get those poor boys away from this nutjob.

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Totally agree Matt. Those poor boys are experiencing psychological and emotional abuse from a person who should be nurturing and protecting them (6 years old and she's in their heads preaching penis shame!).

When she stated that "Children never fully belong to their parents" I think that said it all. This nutter thinks these boys should be her property to keep and control as she thinks fit. She clearly has no understanding or tolerance of their masculinity. She's embarrassed by their maleness. OMG

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That last little bit was not only TMI--but very inappropriate--especially for a journalist. What kind of person randomly brings up their 6 year old child's tendencies to self-explore? It's rather strange and also quite telling, if you ask me.

I don't think the author can raise a good man, but it's not society's fault. It's due to her own deficiencies as a mother.

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