University to help men stop ‘mansplaining,’ ‘interrupting others’

Article here. Excerpt:

'The University of Connecticut is recruiting 20 male students for an 11-week program to help them stop “mansplaining” and “interrupting others.”

The Men’s Project is hosted by the school’s Women’s Center and vows to train men to “positively influence their peers by challenging social norms that promote gender based violence.”

But while the program frames itself as a way to promote bystander intervention, the Men’s Project has a broader agenda, as weekly meetings will feature discussions on “topics related to gender socialization, masculinities, social justice and gender-based violence.”'

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that's the state where the sandy hook hoax took place in dec., 2012. 20 small children and 6 adults supposedly were murdered when a 112 lb., 6' tall crippled young man w/o any known weapon's skills fired like a pro, and in record time, killing (not wounding) just about everybody he saw. at least 2 helicopters were circling overhead all morning (right away) recording the entire hoax. problem was, no children and staff ever evacuated that school building at 10:04 am as reported. I was finishing up my eoy bridge and dam inspection reports before leaving on vacation and had the news going on my computer. I watched until lunch and never saw ANY children anywhere near the school. NONE. the pix they published as being evac. pix were later shown to have been cut from larger pix that had parents waiting patiently around the parking lot edges for their kids to finish rehearsing. the helicopter videos are nowhere to be found. police dash cams pointed at the school all day also show no evac. by 500 +/- k-4 children and staff 1/4 mile down the only road in/out. they constantly showed us video of the cops catching some guy/guys up in the woods running from the scene right after arriving, dressed in camo. they were later released and nothing more was heard about them. the news guys were theorizing what might have happened to the children. they floated all sorts of theories even including speculating about maybe they went out a tunnel. no evac. ever happened. heck, the road was completely blocked at the fire station for hours and only one or 2 ambulances were even allowed anywhere near the school, and then only after more than an hour had passed. all 26 people were declared dead ots by cops w/in the 1st few min's. no medical people were involved until hours later.

the real crime scene was going on down at the fire station 1/4 mile away. interviews w/ celeb's, governor, green screens, porta potties, light screens reminding everyone to be sure to sign in, hundreds of reporters, and even refreshments. there was a fema drill for the same exact scenario going on just down the street. how convenient, huh? tens of millions in donations poured in and disappeared. o bama was even later accidentally pictured posing w/ one of the dead kids. they were later photographed singing at the super bowl. no joke. the pix they used were from when the kids were several years younger. looks like this very old, and highly contaminated school had been closed for years. it was immediately put off limits and torn down, and completely destroyed. researchers started looking at the very strange lanza house so they destroyed that too.

I made a list of over 70 things I saw wrong w/ this false flag affair, from no a.d.a. modifications anywhere to no x-mas anywhere inside the school anywhere small children might have see. I reviewed the few police photos not redacted and it looked to me to be an inactive school being used as a storage school. there were boxes of books/junk pile high against the walls in just about every room, over small children? it looked to me like an I.D.I.Q. (quicky gov. const. facelift) had been done in some parts of the building, while leaving other parts untouched, and filthy.

keep in mind, the f.b.i. was there, as were state police and local cops. the state legislature even passed a law making it illegal to release any info about this type 'mass murder' scene. the gun grabbers started right up wanting our guns. when the 1st reports started coming in ots police were reporting all sorts of gun finds. I wouldn't have been surprised to hear about a bazooka after a while. final they settled down to just 3 guns used. however, this 112 lb. crippled guy carried about 1/3 his body wt. into that school, through a broken front window, while wearing a ski mask and body armor.

you ever have any doubts about the u.s. gov. telling outright lies to its citizens and just outright stealing their $$, go and do some research on the sandy hook school shooting in newtown, conn. it will open your eyes. the entire conn. state and fed. gov. was crooked during this last admin.

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