"‘Challenging Misandry’, MRAs, & Empty Vessels That Make The Most Noise"

Article here. Excerpt:

'On November 18th, Men’s Voices Ireland are hosting a unique conference where disgruntled and marginalised Irish men will have the opportunity to vent their frustrations with life in general, the feminist indoctrination that is plaguing Irish media and politics, and the epidemic of political correctness that threatens to end free speech for good.

It will be a safe and non-judgemental environment, free from the scrutiny of feminists, social justice warriors and beta males, who might call them misogynists or rape apologists. These issues of concern for Irish men will be addressed by a star studded panel including, known equality advocate, John Waters and a new young star on the men’s rights activist (MRA) scene, James Behan.


The unifying theme for this conference will be “Challenging Misandry”, defined by Men’s Voices Ireland as “dislike of, contempt for and ingrained prejudice against men”. Misandry can be identified from viral hashtags such as #killallmen, #banmen #toxicmasculinity and #maletears. Some feminists argue that performing misandry is an ironic response to the systematic and institutionalised discrimination women face under the white supremacist patriarchy, a way of “inhabiting the most exaggerated, implausible distortion of your position, in order to show that it’s ridiculous.” Of course, anyone who knows what irony really means, knows that threatening to kill all men or milking male tears is no laughing matter.'

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In this lovely article, we have a fembot complain that MRAs are just mad at feminists simply for wanting to advance women's rights, while in the same breath she does everything she can to defame men who gather to do the exact same thing for men.

Indeed, it is yet another case of feminist projection. She also links to Huffington Post (more than once), and a divorce attorney's website, as if they are reliable sources of information. LOL.

At least it's always fun to see fembots get their knickers in a knot over someone not thinking the exact same way they do--or should I say--over someone having the ability to think, and see through their lies.

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It would be easy to get angry or dismayed or frustrated by people like this author, but really all I feel is sad. This poor person is living a life seeded with the hatred of others on the basis of their sex and colour. This is like inviting a cancer to live inside you, nurturing and loving it while it makes you old and bitter and ugly inside. Its loving to hate and needing to hate in order to distract you from your own dispair and emptiness. Hate is the drug.
I truely feel sorry for this impoverished soul.
What does frustruate me is that the author`s hate speech is not called out for what it is by SJW journalists claiming the high moral ground for our national broadcasters and public/social media. Why are hate speech havens like #hateallmen tolerated in societies that proclaim equality, equity and tolerance.
Instead of condemnation we see hate speech propagated, published and supported, and extreme sexism passed off as some kind of cool joke. If hate speech is tolerated and supported when it targets particular groups in our society, groups identified on the basis of sex, colour and sexual preference, what we are seeing is not an acknowledgement of privelege or humour. It is evidence of a deeply entrenched culture of hatred and discrimination that is growing unquestioned and unchallenged in our tertiary education system and the professional bodies (e.g. journalism) that are shaped by their teachings.
Hate is being celebrated in our universities, schools and increasingly in our professional organisations. Is it any wonder boys are failing in our education system. They are being marginalised and are disengaging.
Where is the study evidence for this? Well its easy to hide this kind of trend when you simply do not ask the right research questions and ask other questions based on feminist gender contructs. We all know that the reason boys are failing at schools is because of toxic masculinity and their refusal to feminise their behaviour. Gosh.

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