Occidental Professor Warns: Be 'Suspicious of Males Who Strongly Identify as Men'

Article here. Excerpt:

'In an article for Public Books, Lisa Wade, a sociology professor at Occidental College (which, I’m embarrassed to say, is my alma mater) recently wrote that “we should reject the idea that men have a psychic need to distinguish themselves from women.” Why? Because “masculinity is toxic.” In fact, we should be “suspicious of males who strongly identify as men.”

Frankly, I’d be more suspicious of males who identified as something other than males like, say, toasters, or unicorns, or their great-aunt Mildred’s long-lost cat. It seems to me that those males would be delusional and therefore far more suspicious than males who actually identified as males. Since that’s what they are. It would at least display a much stronger grasp on reality than our dear friend professor Wade.

Let me break Wade’s theory down for you, because I could see how sane people might have a little trouble following it. Wade believes that there is literally no difference between men and women. And, since there’s no difference between men and women, anything that is seen as being inherently masculine or inherently feminine is actually just a social construct. And (as if that wasn’t crazy enough,) every single thing that is supposedly male is bad. “If we are going to finish the gender revolution,” declares Wade, “then, we need to call masculinity out as a hazardous ideology and denounce anyone who chooses to identify with it.”'

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... as a gay African-American woman at a job interview at a university. I'll apply for the job and indicate I am an AA female who is gay. I'll include it in the application. When they lovingly invite me to an interview, I will appear: white, male, and pretty damned straight (well, they can assume that I guess. Straight men are not at this time expected to wear some kind of badge, but wait for it). When they ask me if I got the paperwork right, I will say yes and that if they don't treat me as I self-identify I will report them to the Office of Inclusion and sue the university. They will be scared and let me interview. I will state that I am a proud AA lesbian and if they don't hire me, I'll sue them.

Then I'll leave.

A week later they will send me a job offer. I will turn it down.


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... I *AM* my great-aunt Mildred's long-lost cat. I have returned, reincarnated as a cisgendered hypersexualized omnitranssexualized hyperfetishized cis-gendered gay African-American female-identified white male-presenting human.

So this explains why I am such a cat person.

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Methinks Lisa Wade's hatred of masculinity can be attributed to a Freudian concept: penis envy.

Wade is upset that she can never have the same skill set as a biological male, so she's on a crusade to ensure that no one can. Good luck with that! LOL.

I sincerely wish that people like Wade would go make their own female-only utopia . . . for a day or so. Obviously it would fall apart pretty quick without men to do all the dirty work to keep the society running. Ironically enough, the very thing she hates is a cornerstone of all societies.

Wade should also be called out on how she has no problem using things invented by men, only to put them down. Quite frankly, her appropriation of things created by a gender she demonizes, is both hypocritical and appalling.

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I was dead serious when I said (wrote) this: http://news.mensactivism.org/?q=node/30512#comment-32718

The time has come. I say, get the ball rolling, ladies.

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