Critics Blast Newsweek’s ‘Tone Deaf’ Penis Balloon-Popping Trump Cover

Article here. Excerpt:

'Newsweek is facing criticism over its latest cover.

For the upcoming Nov. 17 issue, the weekly news magazine used an image of a feminine hand jabbing a needle into a penis-shaped balloon to promote its lead article about women fighting against systemic sexual harassment.

″#MeToo is taking down powerful men in all fields. Is Donald Trump next?” the publication asks in the cover blurb.
Some critics used Twitter to ask the magazine why it seemed to equate female empowerment with the harming of men. Another accused Newsweek of turning the “exposure of sexual assault into satire.”'

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Or Time? I used to read Time all the time in the 1980s. Back before THE INTERNETS. Now I can't believe they are still publishing. I'm thinking the circulation is largely to the old and gray crowd who still like to throw magazines into trash cans and get newsprint all over their hands. Also when I think of the sorts of ideas my mother still entertains, it's clear a lot of these folks are living very much in a bubble. My mother is a pseudo-feminist who lived off my dad for decades while decrying this and that (sexism, racism, classism, etc.) all while living an indulgently upper middle-class lifestyle and alternately making fun of anyone without a college degree or better, putting down agrarian people as "rednecks" and bizarrely championing a conservative lifestyle (and living one) at the same time condemning anything that stood in the way of ideas or actions that would in fact dismantle that same lifestyle.

This is the effects of growing up around and among conservatives in one's youth, then around hippies during the 1970s. Bizarrely-conflicted lifestyles, values, and prejudices coupled with a stated value system completely out of integrity with one's lifestyle.

My 70-something mother still reads the NY Times and magazines like Newsweek and Time. I figure people of her age and type of life experiences are their target demographic.

I wonder what these magazines will do in 10 years after people my mom's age have all died out? Probably close, or get bought by Jeff Bezos, who I figure will turn them into a print catalog for his grocery delivery service with a target audience of people either too 'toopid, feckless, or something else to actually use a smart phone or web site to order food from his by-then vast distribution network of grocery chains (which he will own or control).

Mere speculation. :)

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