Canada: Alberta Premier Rachel Notley decries 'mansplaining' by opposition, as gender issue flares in legislature

Article here. Excerpt:

'Gender and vocabulary are clashing on the floor of the Alberta legislature.

Premier Rachel Notley, one day after accusing a male opponent of mansplaining, is calling out another for "hepeating."

It came Wednesday during question period after United Conservative member Jason Nixon lauded Notley for taking his party's advice on the fight to get more pipelines built but also suggested Notley needs to do more.
A day earlier in question period, Notley sarcastically thanked Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark for "mansplaining" to her that there are environmental benefits to pipelines.

Clark and other opposition members asked Notley be sanctioned by Speaker Bob Wanner. They suggested the term mansplaining is not only inaccurate but also prejudicial and unparliamentary.

Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley, speaking for the government caucus in the house, defended Notley's remarks. She said Clark was acting within the dictionary definition of mansplaining, which is to explain something to a woman in a condescending manner.

On Wednesday, Wanner refused to sanction the premier. He said he did not find the comments unparliamentary in the context of the debate but cautioned all members to watch not only their language but the tone of their questions.'

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Her behavior may score points with a percentage of female MPs and some female voters but alienates/offends everyone else. Her behavior may not be sanctionable (and I don't think it is; it is just rude and sexist but not sanctionable, IMO) but it's not politically astute. Acting all 3rd wave feministy may endear her to some voters, like I said, but notice that America's third wave pols are not doing anything more in their careers than hanging on or failing. For failures, see HRC. For hanging-on, see Kirsten Gillibrand (US Senator-NY), Nancy Pelosi (hanging on in more ways than one), et al. When working in a legislative body, making friends is key to getting your interests and imperatives supported. In a parliamentary governance system as in the Canadian provinces, the premier is also an MP, a member of the legislature. Alienating other MPs and implicitly insulting half the voting public isn't too smart.

Then again while some third wave feminists may have been fortunate enough to get into a political office or two, many lack the wherewithal to capitalize on it well enough to advance. This is because they have a very hard time with impulse control and tend to speak before thinking, as do most feminists I have observed. Just sayin'. I've also noticed this: every 3rd wave feminist I have seen in office seems to have ridden her husband's coattails there or been bankrolled by her wealthy husband (eg: Kirsten G.). I have yet to see a single 3rd waver get to her office via her own resources or merits. Now maybe I am missing a few here and there and if so, someone point them out to me. It's an M.O. I have noticed with these women. Also, just sayin'.

Why do their husbands put up with them, anyway? Just wonderin'.

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I'm quite sure you just signed the death certificate of your career as premier. Personally, I would go out of my way to vote against someone like that next election.

P.S. Has anyone else noticed the sheer hypocrisy of a woman using the term "mansplaining". They claim it means to explain something in a condescending way--which is exactly what a woman does when she accuses a man of mansplaining. This is just another case of the feminist lobby projecting themselves onto others.

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Here is what the nakedly prejudicial word "mansplaining" really means: "I know I've lost the argument--and in fact I never had an argument to begin with--so I'll call you a name and accuse you of condescension. There, now that I've shamed you into silence and hidden behind my female privilege of alleged victimhood, I'VE WON!"
As xtrnl rightly points out, the hypocrisy of using a condescending accusation of condescension would deserve nothing but an eye roll if this trick didn't actually work. Guys, don't be cowed by it.

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I've never been accused of mansplaining. But if it ever happens, my reply will be: "Well, someone had to do it." Then I'll walk away. After all, I don't enjoy conversing with bigots.

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I would say, "No, THANK YOU, for the MANSPLAIN, or should I say WOMANSPLAIN in this case?"

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