Signs Naming Students Accused of Sexual Assault Reopen Wounds at Atlanta Colleges

Article here. Excerpt:

'For four years, students at three Atlanta-area colleges have expressed outrage over how their institutions handle sexual violence. This week, however, some students went a step further, publicizing the names of peers and others who they say have committed sexual assault.

Signs posted Wednesday throughout the campuses of Morehouse College, a men’s college, and Spelman College, a women’s college, listed names of male students and accused them of rape. Other signs accused Morehouse and Spelman officials of protecting rapists. The signs were later removed by campus police officers. (Morehouse, Spelman, and Clark Atlanta University belong to the Atlanta University Center Consortium, known as the AUC.)

On Thursday morning, the Martin Luther King Jr. Chapel on Morehouse’s campus was spray-painted with the words “Practice what you preach Morehouse + end rape culture.” Campus police officers later covered the graffiti with a brown tarp.

Students at the three colleges shared the signs and graffiti on Twitter with the hashtag #WeKnowWhatYouDid. Some students used the hashtag to write about their own stories of assault and share their discontent with administrators who they said had silenced them and protected predators. Others simply posted a name or a list of names, prompting criticism that doing so defamed students and others who had not been formally accused of sexual assault.'

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Let's go back to them. Seriously. Problems of all kinds solved. Well, current problems. There'll be different ones but probably less hot button-ish. Am thinking modeling colleges after abbey and convent schools, not an actual return to letting nuns and priests run colleges. We tried that for a few hundred years and the results were mixed to say the least. But single-sex schools modeled after those kinds of colleges? Yeah.

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