From "Be Better" to "Go Talk to Each Other"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Michelle Obama has a message for the men of the world: Do better, try harder and most importantly, communicate more.

On Wednesday, the former first lady sat down with poet Elizabeth Alexander on the second day of the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago, the first of an annual event. The topic turned to gender, and Obama had some choice words: She noted that women tend to communicate, reflect and support each other better than men—something she feels needs to change.

"Y'all should get you some friends," she laughed, pointing to the men in the audience. "Y'all need to go talk to each other about your stuff, because there's so much of it! Talk about why y'all are the way you are."


Michelle Obama To Men: ‘Be Better’

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Not bad advice. Once men sit down and talk to each other about life, generally positive things come of it. But I wonder if her idea of men communicating as they should be requires constant supervision by women. Feminist women.

During the heyday of the mythopoetic men's movement back in the 1990s it included men doing a lot of talking to each other and that by and large yielded positive results. Critical was the absence of women and the safe space (that phrase!) attitude of the facilitators who didn't demand some kind of doctrinal compliance. What you thought and felt was what it was. No filters. Now THAT was constructive.

But I do wonder why anyone is still listening to her. The only noteworthy that she's done is be married to a man who became POTUS. How does this make her an authority on what men should be doing?

Oh yeah, she has a vagina. That qualifies her.

Well, at least she's off of "be better men".

Now I have some advice for Michelle Obama: Shove off. Get a job or something.

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While Michelle did inject some slight criticism of girls here and there throughout her speech, I thought the over-all tone was condescending towards men.

She wants men to talk, not because it's good (it's good for everyone to talk things out) but because she sees something wrong with them.

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What do feminists like to do most of all? Femsplain to men on how to be men. And one of the most prolific femsplainers of all is Obama M.
Of course she knows more about masculinity and being a man than any man possibly could. Like most femsplainers, its in her DNA.
Obama M has such a deep and resonate understanding of manhood and masculinity that she can explain all its elements and imperatives in terms of what being a man mean to women. Absolutely brilliant. All us people living it, all these men living in these male skins, living these male lives, we should listen to Obama M because she has it all worked out, without ever doing it or living it or knowing what its like being a man. Pure genius. No wonder absolutely nobody voted for her to be president of the US.
Obama M knows that being male is all about the spaces between women, that men can only have meaning and purpose when that is offered and validated by women.
She has posed the core feminist question, "if there were no feminists in the forest, would men be?"
Thankyou Obama M. Without you I would be wandering round wondering how to be a good man, lost in the wilderness of femlessness. Do you have any pointers on how to be a good person?

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