The future really is female, not male – and it's not fair

Article here. Excerpt:

'An Ontario Grade 12 student, Erica Brown, made the news recently when she wore a T-shirt to her high school with the slogan “The Future is Female.”

A female teacher suggested Brown’s message might make some boys at the school feel uncomfortable and asked if she thought it would be appropriate for a male student to wear a T-shirt with the slogan “The Future is Male.”

She was not told to remove the shirt but to simply “think about” it.

Brown thought about it and decided the teacher’s comments were out of line. The CBCreported that at first Brown was “too upset to reply. Later, she talked to her parents about it, then wrote an open letter to the teacher, gave it to her, and posted it on Facebook.”

The Facebook post went viral. In the end, Brown received official support from her school’s principal.
Whether it’s university campuses or high school halls, the truth is that there is a terrible double standard at play.

Simply put, men who advocate for their rights are unlikely to find support for their positions and are very likely to be accused of promoting misogyny or the “patriarchy.” As such, many men think it is better to stay quiet.

Sadly, we’re beginning to see the dire effects of this coerced silence.'

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A T-shirt saying the future is female is one thing. It being true is another.

Civilization as we understand it is the product of men and only functions so long as men keep it going. The degree to which men are marginalized or disempowered is proportionate to the degree to which civilization comes apart.

In ancient Rome, the more the rights of the citizens were upheld, the better the civilization did. Only as Rome slipped into autocracy did the rights of men collapse, with Roman civilization collapsing with it. After that a long period (the Dark Ages) passed when the rights of men were minimal as was the status of all but a few powerful men. As the Rennaissance took hold, men's rights expanded and civilization re-flourished. On it goes.

Civilization is only maintained by men when they have something coming from it. To do X, you need to derive a benefit from doing X. If maintaining civilization no longer offers you much benefit, you stop doing it. So it will go with our civilization. Women can't do it on their own. History's shown this time and again.

History tends to repeat itself. If collectively our civilization decides to abrogate the rights and status of men in favor of women, the future that is female will be far less pleasant than the one that isn't.

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