Beware vigilante feminism

Article here. Excerpt:

'How do people defend themselves against accusations dating back years or even decades? How do the rest of us respond to the demand that we believe the women in harassment cases? We ought to question its relevance. Whether or not we automatically believe a woman’s account doesn’t matter, unless perhaps we’re her friends or therapists.
How do we balance the mandate to “believe the women” with fairness for the men accused? We can’t. Categorically believing accusers turns a mere accusation of wrongdoing into proof that it occurred. Women who cheer this virtually irrebuttable presumption of guilt, considering due process for alleged harassers a component of rape culture, are cheering a thoughtless, treacherous form of vigilante feminism.
I’m not denying the harm of workplace or work-related harassment. Like many women, I’ve experienced it, to my professional detriment. But I’ve also been helped by male colleagues (and hurt by some women), and I won’t be telling tales of wrongs done by harassers years ago. They’re not provable or actionable, and they don’t matter anymore. I am urging women to accept the questioning of their harassment claims and to differentiate between harassment affecting their careers and the inevitable, ineffectual, inappropriate discourtesies of human interactions. People have a right to be rude.'

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