The Sex Offender Registry Leaves Female Sex Offenders Open to Abuse

Article here. Excerpt:

'Jenny, who is in her early 40s, said more than 100 sexually grotesque letters, some five or six pages long, have landed in her mailbox in her three years on Louisiana's sex offender registry. Her photo, home address, charge (as a teacher she had sex with a 16-year-old student), and even her scars and tattoos are listed on the state sheriff's website. Some news reports about her crime also list her address.

The plight of registered female sex offenders could be a hard sell to some. Like males who offend, they can and do cause extreme physical and emotional damage to their victims. In addition to prison time, they can also be subject to a long list of lifetime restrictions such as where they can live and work as well as being listed, often publicly, on their state's sex offender registry. The reason for these post-sentence restrictions come under the guise of public safety, but a growing number of critics are disputing the true benefits of what they call "draconian" laws.
In the 15 years Professor Franca Cortoni has studied sex offenders, she had never heard of experiences like those of Baldwin, Jenny, and the four other women, but found them unsurprising.

"How this would be interpreted by these men that are writing [the sexualized letters]—because it is not men in general, it is those certain men who are thinking, I'm looking, and I want to have this type of sex because this is what turns me on," said Cortoni. "And lo and behold it is publicly known that she has done deviant sex so clearly she is fair game [to him]."'

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Nothing should surprise you anymore. Nothing.

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Whenever a woman commits a horrible act, it seems there is always someone somewhere who will jump at the opportunity to try to rationalize or trivialize it. This phenomenon seems to occur even more in western society--which, in my opinion, is beyond pathetic for defending these degenerates.

These women can cry me a river. They made their bed, and they all got a far lighter punishment than what they deserved because of their gender. "Boo friggitty hoo!" is what I say to them.

As a father, you're damn right I have every right to know which predators--male or female--are lurking about. If it inconveniences the rapists, well, . . . that's the sound of me caring.

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It never fails to amaze how western academics can transform any antisocial or criminal behaviour perpetrated by women, into the victim narrative.
Professor Franca Cortoni has acknowledged as an editor of recent peer reviewed publications on female sexual offenders that forensic professionals and therapists hold more positive attitudes towards female sex offenders compared to male sexual offenders, and find it comparatively easy to display empathy and warmth towards these women. There is substantial research suggesting that female sexual predators are viewed and treated more favourable compared to males.
Many forensic professionals now acknowledge that sexual offending by women is actually common, but that its extent is unknown due to the lack of reporting or because these women tend to be diverted from the criminal justice system. This is consistent with research suggesting that there is no difference in the likelihood of sexual conviction between males and females, but that being female was associated with a lower likelihood of incarceration for sexual offences. Fewer females make to court.
So female sexual predators are less likely to be prosecuted for their offences, are less likely to be incarcerated for their offences, are more likely find empathy and warmth in their treatment by professionals, are thought of more positively in the legal and academic fraternities.
Notwithstanding all of the above, when a few of them have received abusive letters, and they all suffer the burden of draconian laws (OMG), it is portrayed as an injustice, a wrong, an offensive bias against women. It really is impossible for any woman to be held accountable for their acts, without someone finding the victim in her narrative. Compare the volumes of academic publications finding some excuse, some adjusted statistical analysis, anything, to show that women are not sexual predators, or even if they are, they a victims first and foremost, compare this to the almost complete absence of publications about their child victims, particularly their male child victims. Thats western gendered academia for you.

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