Blaire White on feminism

Had a friend point her out to me. She is a trans woman and known for directly challenging feminism. She says it plain, no-nonsense. Video here.

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... answering the millennia-old question: "If I am a man and I find a trans woman attractive, does that mean I am gay/bi?" Video here.

But alas, we are short answers to similar questions in re other sexes/genders/etc. Due to the multiplicity of possibilities, I have formulated a matrix as follows:

"If I am a _X_ and I am attracted to a _Y_, what does that make me (Z)?"

Man Woman Str8/bi
Man Man Gay/bi
Woman Woman Gay/bi
Woman Man Straight/bi
Man M2FT Straight/bi
Woman M2FT ???
Woman F2MT ???
Man F2MT ???
Man M2FT ???
M2FT Man ???
M2FT Woman ???
M2FT M2FT ???
F2MT Man ???
F2MT Woman ???
F2MT M2FT ???


As you can see, while one of these issues has been cleared up, we still have a ways to go to get all our bases covered. In addition, I am leaving out the new-fangled stuff, like cis-identifying hermaphroditic non-differentiated pan-sexually deterministic polysexualized transmorphics.

Frankly I am not sure an HTML table's row limit is large enough to fit in ALL the possibilities. Then there's the matter of in what order are they listed in the table and does that in essence betray some type of -centrism?

There's a Ph.D. thesis in this somewhere. From Oberlin. A Ph.D. from Oberlin.

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