The Sam Kriss Problem

Article here. Most readers will need to use this link to be able to read it. Excerpt:

'The fallout from the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal includes a flurry of career-killing accusations of sexual misconduct leveled at leftist men. British freelance writer Sam Kriss was dropped by Vice following a Facebook allegation of sexual harassment (or assault) that went viral and his own admission and apology. About 24 hours later, GQwriter Richard Myers suffered the same fate after a sexual assault accusation.

This has occasioned not a little gloating on the right and in “anti-SJW” (“social justice warrior”) circles.

The schadenfreude is understandable. Both Kriss and Myers had positioned themselves as feminist allies; less than two years ago, Myers had self-righteously assailed men’s rights activists (“cave-dwelling idiots”) for denying the existence of “rape culture” and talking about false rape allegations. When these men are brought down by allegations of sexual assault, the reaction from anti-PC quarters is much like the gloating from liberals and progressives when a preacher or politician who thunders against enemies of traditional family values gets caught in an extramarital — or, better yet, gay — tryst. In each case, the alleged misdeeds are also seen as proof that the loudest “virtue-signalers” are actually the worst offenders.'

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