Woman to stand trial on charges of falsely reporting sexual assault

Article here. Excerpt:

'Charges against a 36-year-old Cranberry woman accused of leveling false sexual assault allegations against a former North Braddock police officer were held for court Friday.

Michelle Milliron was charged with making false reports and unsworn falsification after she told Cranberry police that Mike Foley, 42, assaulted her in a Hyatt Hotel on April 12 — but police later uncovered a trail of text messages in which she threatened to accuse Mr. Foley of assault when he didn’t return her calls.

District Judge David T. Kovach held the charges for court after Ms. Milliron waived her preliminary hearing on Friday in Butler County, according to court records. Her attorney, John Haller Jr., did not immediately return a request for comment.'

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... for chrissakes, did she actually believe she'd get away with doing that??

If I were a judge, I'd find defendants one of 4 things: guilty, innocent, guilty but stupid and innocent but stupid.

Guilty but stupid buys you a more lenient sentence. I feel that some ppl commit certain crimes not bc they mean to be criminals but bc they are simply too stupid to reason a better path to resolving a problem they are h@ving.

If I say the defendant is innocent but stupid, this is my way of saying the only reason the defendant isn't being found some kind of guilty is bc he or she managed to just miss out on technically committing the crime largely bc they were too stupid to actually pull off the crime. In short, they were saved by their stupidity.

I'd find this particular defendant guilty but stupid. Oh, I'd still send her to the pokey. But I'd be inclined to give her an Idiot Discount, versus a Female Discount.

The Idiot Discount would be substantially less, however, than the Female Discount -- which I wouldn't give anyone.

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