Women are angry because of men. Again.

Article here. Excerpt:

'Sexual harassment is bad everywherethat men and women work together. The workplace is a steam bath. What can we do? It is a hotbed of hot beds. It is where so much dating action happens. It is where men and women meet. It is difficult to police. If you get the feeling it is total chaos, you are catching on. Young people getting in one another’s pants is the cost of doing business. But powerful old men are supposed to stay in the corner suite where they belong.

Plainly, they don’t.

Women are angry. We should be. About all of it. We are a failed revolution. Sexism is bad. We notice it now. Where did all these white men come from, and when will they go away? Because of Trump, I don’t even like listening to Bob Dylan anymore, because I am so sick of what any man has to say about anything at all. And I am trying to be reasonable. It is unbelievable to be a woman with Trump as president, such a profound insult that all men are implicated. This week it’s Weinstein, but moving right along. We need to fix the whole thing.'

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She needs a safe space