California Gov. vetoes proposal to codify federal regulations on campus sexual harassment

Article here. Excerpt:

'California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has vetoed a California bill (SB169) that would have changed California law to embody certain Obama-era federal regulations related to campus sexual assault proceedings; I thought his veto message was worth passing along:

To the Members of the California State Senate:

I am returning Senate Bill 169 without my signature.

This bill would codify a combination of federal regulations and guidance on sexual harassment — some of which has been repealed, some of which is still in effect — as well as some language from model policies that have been developed by California universities.

This is not a simple issue. Sexual harassment and sexual violence are serious and complicated matters for colleges to resolve. On the one side are complainants who come forward to seek justice and protection; on the other side stand accused students, who, guilty or not, must be treated fairly and with the presumption of innocence until the facts speak otherwise. Then, as we know, there are victims who never come forward, and perpetrators who walk free. Justice does not come easily in this environment.

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... won by a pen-stroke. Had Brown decided to cave in... well, I don't like to think of the expense, trouble, and further injustices this would've led to.

But by no means do I think this event settles things. Expect a counter-attack.

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yeah, I think this is more cause for concern rather than celebration. It nearly got passed, and I dont think this is the end of it. Other states have similar bills on the table.

BTW, across America election day is Nov 7, ballots will be sent out this week. Most communities are voting on local issues like mayor and city council. Please use your vote wisely to vote-in or push-out certain politicians, as local politicians often go on to become governors, senators and members of congress.

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