"Women face sexism in the sneaker aisle"

Article here. Excerpt:

'The moment Kiah Welsh laid eyes on the sleek black leather Puma Coogi Clydes with a knit fabric stripe and 18-karat gold aglets, she knew she had to have them.

Welsh was well aware that scoring the first release, limited-edition kicks — a nod to rapper Notorious B.I.G. — would take luck; they were expected to sell quickly and generate lineups at sneaker shops.

But this Toronto sneaker collector also knew the chance that she would walk out of the store wearing these new kicks was twice as doubtful simply because she’s a woman.'

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... from the submission queue as frivolous and decidedly irrelevant to the MRM but for the humor value. We need a good laugh every now and again.

But what isn't funny is that there are ppl who 1) would write it in all seriousness and 2) would take it seriously.


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I was recently in Victoria's Secret and realized they dont carry much that would fit a man. The widest their bra sizes go are 40!! That's hardly enough to fit around the upper rib cage of many men. Their thongs also fit men terribly. Shouldn't all manufacturers produce products to fit every body size?!!!

Victoria's Secret does not even hide their sexism. In every add I see, it is only women modeling their product. What does this say to men...that they aren't good enough to wear VS?...Don't even get me started on the Cover Girl ads......

Sexism, bodyism and "isms" everywhere I look!!

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By this time next year, you'll see me on that catwalk baby, modeling the latest bras and panties to churn out of the fashion machine, mark my words!

I need a lawyer!!

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ROFL!! Well played!

I was going to complain that Michael Kors doesn't make his green high heels in a men's size 13, but you beat me to the punch. :)

BTW I too am upset with VS because their thongs don't come in my size.

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