Frivolous Title IX investigations are an insult to real sexual assault victims

Article here. Excerpt:

'Like most, I support the broad aims of Title IX pertaining to gender equity on college campuses. Colleges and the criminal justice system alike have sometimes responded to sexual assault with deplorable laxity. But these issues have nothing to do with the hijacking of Title IX resulting from the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights' (OCR) 2011 “Dear Colleague” letter (DCL). I speak from personal experience as a survivor of a Title IX inquisition at the University of Utah, where I’ve been a tenured professor for almost two decades. This is my story about how a Title IX regulatory regime designed to crack down on sexual assault managed to ensnare a professor for telling colleagues about how he proposed to his wife.

As is customary, I was not immediately notified I was facing sexual harassment charges or a Title IX investigation. Instead, in July 2016 the university “consultant” in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action requested a meeting to discuss an “important and confidential" matter. Initially, my inquisitor refused to tell me I was accused of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. I was fortunately able to obtain the charges in writing only after convincing the Title IX investigator I was out of the state indefinitely and unable to meet in person. The investigator became much more conciliatory once he learned I'd retained counsel immediately after I received the complaint. Most of the accused, particularly students, aren’t so fortunate.'

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have I been preaching about what happens when affirmative action and similar free stuff victimology become the rallying cry of people w/o the background nor the backbone needed to achieve a proper education? I saw the beginnings of these handouts when I attended college decades ago. grades, grants and gobs of goodies given to women and minorities like candy passed out to children on Halloween, and even w/ less preparation. now we have universities full of these free stuff recipients posing as learned individuals. they receive doctorates in 'feminist studies' and other made up fields of fun and games. daily we see so called journalists who refuse to tell the truth as seen right before their eyes (as in obvious false flag events), and probably wouldn't know the diff between poop and Poe. underhanded university kangaroo courts judging men w/o due process. I wipe smarter and better off by boots daily after feeding my animals.

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