Canada: Lawyer asks court to reveal judges’ training materials for sexual-assault law

Article here. Excerpt:

'A lawyer for a man accused of sexual assault is asking a court to reveal how judges are trained in this area of law, saying that such training may be producing judges who are biased against accused men.

Tom Engel, an Edmonton lawyer, will ask a judge to order the National Judicial Institute, which trains federally and provincially appointed judges, to disclose their educational materials and methods in the area of sexual-assault law.

Mr. Engel is representing Robert Harper, accused of sexual assault, aggravated assault, attempt to choke, unlawful confinement and making a death threat. He says the case turns on the credibility and reliability of the complainant, whom he maintains consumed drugs and then attacked Mr. Harper when he objected to her getting more drugs. The complainant cannot be identified under federal law.'

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