'You just sit there like a punching bag': 1 man's story of intimate partner abuse

Article here. Excerpt:

'He was smitten at first, so overwhelmed by her beauty that he believed she was out of his league.

Perhaps, he says, that's why he overlooked signs of his new partner's controlling behaviour.

Over time, the man realized she was an alcoholic. Bringing up the topic of her drinking would lead to arguments, and one day, she punched him.

"As a man, we're taught never hit back, so you just sit there like a punching bag and you take it, and it's shameful for me to admit, shameful for me to admit as a cop," said the man, a Daybreaklistener whose identity CBC agreed to withhold in order to protect his children.

"Richard," a veteran police officer, is in his 40s. He now works on investigations but often responded to domestic abuse calls early in his career.'

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