Texas man ordered to pay more than $67K in child support for girl who isn't his daughter

Article here. Excerpt:

'A man in Texas is fighting a court order to pay tens of thousands of dollars in child support to his former girlfriend — despite a DNA test proving the woman’s teenage child is not his daughter.
Cornejo is still obligated to pay because of a chapter in the Texas Family Code, which states that a negative paternity test only ends his obligation for future child support payments; it doesn’t absolve the man of past payments that accrued before the test was completed.

That means that Cornejo is still responsible for child support payments that have been piling up since 2003, when a Texas court decided — in his absence — that he was “the biological father.” But Cornejo is now arguing that he never received a citation informing him about the case.'

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when men, after serving decades in prison are found innocent of crimes (usually using d.n.a. accidentally saved decades earlier), the courts have decided that their records be cleared and they are usually (nowadays) compen$ated? iow, the true purpose of the courts is realized - to address the situation in error, repair it and take it to a reasonable and fair remedy/conclusion. that's only logical.

then we have 'family court'.

rule no. 1 - take the man to the cleaners.

rule no. 2 - if he hollers put his sorry arse in jail.

a bit crude, but u get the gist.

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