Women Earned Majority of American Doctoral Degrees for 8th Straight Year

Article here. Excerpt:

'In 2016, there were 135 women enrolled in graduate school for every 100 men. Women earned 400 master’s degrees in health sciences majors for every 100 men. According to a December 2016 New York Times report, there are now more women in law school than men.

“If we accept the results […] the gender-industry gap is focused on the wrong thing,” George Mason University economist Alex Tabarrok argued in response to these developments in higher education. “The real gender gap is that men are having trouble competing everywhere except in STEM.”
"If America’s diversity worshipers see any female under-representation as a problem and possibly even as proof of gender discrimination, what do they propose should be done about female over-representation in higher education at every level and in 7 out of 11 graduate fields? After all, to be logically consistent, aren’t female over-representation and female under-representation simply different sides of gender injustice?"'

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