Australian Federal Police: 2017 Entry Level Recruits - Special Measure for Women

Link here. Excerpt:


The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is committed to creating, fostering and maintaining a diverse workforce that reflects the community we serve.

As outlined in the AFP’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, diversity is a core element of modern policing and is fundamental to our future capabilities, effectiveness, and our ability to respond. In support of this we offer excellent career opportunities for women, with a particular focus on the operational roles. We are working towards an intake of 50% women and 50% men on entry level recruit programs.

In the most recent recruitment process, the AFP was overwhelmed with interest for the entry level recruit roles, which was terrific. Many high calibre applicants applied and are continuing to progress through this process. However, to deliver on our diversity goals WE NEED MORE WOMEN, and are therefore calling for interested women to apply for this special measure* – women only recruitment process, for entry level recruits.

The world is changing, crime is changing, and we are changing to meet new challenges. One of the exciting new changes is that for the first time ever, we are promoting a recruitment round specifically seeking applications from women for entry level recruits to undertake either a Federal Police Development Program (FPDP) or a Protective Service Officer Program (PSOP).
* Special measure - the purpose of this recruitment process is to achieve substantive equality between men and women in the AFP, within the meaning of that term in anti-discrimination legislation such as section 7D of the Sex Discrimination Act 1984.'

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The sheer stupidity of people in official positions of great power and privilege is just astonishing.
Equality is not ensuring equal numbers of men and women in professions, jobs, boards of directors etc.
Equal numbers are kindergarten level maths (this may explain why the AFP are obsessed with the notion).
Equality is a measure of equal opportunity or equal treatment guaranteed under anti-discrimination laws in particular contexts directly referred to in those laws; i.e. employment, provision of services, etc.
Equity is an ethical or philosophical notion of social justice, that recognises all people are of equal worth regardless of their intelligence, beliefs or race, and are entitled to an equitable distribution of wealth and empowerment.
Removing obstructions to women joining the AFP would be an admirable achievement. Attempting to force equal numbers of men and women in the AFP will just create a perception of bias in the organisation, and is more likely to be divisive and destructive to moral and functionality.
Real smart move. Lets make women more welcome in the AFP by making them the teachers pet. Genius. Where do these people get these stellar ideas? Oh... gender academics.

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Works just fine in Mexico. Well, maybe not. Very sad story, this. A male chief would have met the same fate though, which is probably why no man in the town would take the job.

One theory has been that female cops are less likely to be assaulted or resisted by male (or female) suspects, or gunned down. Alas this isn't the case. A drunk angry person isn't thinking about being chivalrous or deferential, regardless of their sex. And drug lords really don't care about your sex. If you are getting in their way in some way, they will just kill you. Sociopaths don't worry about "gender-normative responses to sex role identification in contemporary modern society". Their only concern is what is the most efficient way to neutralize you as a source of opposition or distraction from whatever task they undertake. In the case of trafficking billions in illicit drugs, they have issues to worry about: bribes to be paid, informants to be eliminated leaving no trace of flesh behind, and of course do-gooder police chiefs with a hero complex who might mess up a deal some time. All of equal consideration: none. But they are an inconvenience, so keep a vat of acid handy and if you can do so, take the opportunity to make an example of them. Why waste a chance like that?

As for people on meth running half-naked in the streets, they don't even notice your sex. They're too busy trying to escape you, as you MUST be working for a cabal of sinister space aliens trying to enslave humanity, starting with them.

But to ask feminists and others who wouldn't take the job of cop to save their mother's life, the world's problems can be solved by placing more women into policing.

TBH, I am fine with that. Men have been doing the thankless, generally unpopular job of being the heavy who hands out traffic tickets and breaks up loud parties long enough. If soooo many women are just dying for the chance to assume these duties, by all means, sign up. But of some crackhead junkie shanks you in the head some day, please don't say I didn't give you fair warning.

It's right up there in popularity among women with such jobs as fire-fighter and refuse collector.

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