Re-examining gender based violence

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Social Welfare Council of Nepal listed over two hundred INGOs working in Nepal in the fiscal year 2072/073. Although these organizations have wide-ranging interventions, most engage in some form of dealing with gender based violence (GBV) with a specific focus on women as the victims. 

As a group that has been the recipient of many injustices, this intense and increased focus on women is understandable. However, an important area for work that needs to be scaled up includes working with men and boys, not as perpetrators of violence but as victims themselves. There needs to be attention on the less-told story, which is that a striking number of men are victims of both physical and mental violence.

Men around the globe face GBV on a daily basis. The data from Home Office statistical bulletins and the British Crime Survey reports that assaults on men represent more than 40% of domestic violence in the UK. The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey of the USA in 2010 revealed that one in four adult men in the United States will become a victim of domestic violence during his lifetime. The same study found that 8.4% of Asian or Pacific Islander men reported experiencing physical violence by an intimate partner sometime during their lifetime.'

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The author writes:

"Moreover, our narrow lens with which we choose to understand violence further curtails us from understanding the bigger picture – that violence is perhaps not a sex-based crime. We need to understand it solely in terms of victims and perpetrators without putting a gendered analysis on it."

Yep. That's what we need to do.

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