'Faux’ Male Feminists Draw Ire in Hollywood

Article here. Excerpt:

'Critics of men who sport “The Future is Female” T-shirts also maintain that some are using the word “feminist” inappropriately. The preferred term, they argue, is “feminist allies.” The rationale is that white people who fight against racism wouldn’t call themselves “black,” just as straight people who rally for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights wouldn’t call themselves “transgender.”

BuzzFeed recently published “17 Types of Male ‘Feminists’ That Need to Be Stopped,” an illustrated list that included a new father who suddenly becomes a feminist after he has a daughter, and a male manager who congratulates himself for hiring a female employee.

“It’s something I encounter all the time, but that man Robbie Tripp was the real kick in the pants in inspiring the post,” said Loryn Brantz, who wrote and illustrated the article and is also the author of the book “Feminist Baby.”'

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When will guys wake up and realize that in the same way a Jew can no more be a Nazi without either 1) being crazy or 2) not knowing what Nazism stands for, so a man cannot be a feminist. A "feminist ally" is another term for "useful idiot". Get it through, guys: feminism is about female supremacy and by definition males are not admitted to the fold. Calling yourself a feminist can no more make you one than can a Jew calling himself a Nazi will bring him into the Nazi fold much less give him protection from them.

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