Women Study ‘Feminine Economy’ In Feminist Business School

Article here. Excerpt:

'The founder of a feminist business school hopes to help women fight the “toxic masculinity” of capitalism by exploring the concept of a “feminine economy.”

“Through reading, journaling and writing, we work on unraveling our internalized sexism,” Jennifer Armbrust told Forbes in an interview published Thursday. “We address questions like: What’s our internal relationship with money and power? What is empathy in business? How do you build business structures that honor intuition and make room for rest?”

“For me this work is a site of deep integration,” she continued. “I’m pulling from so many different places, especially my body and my own journey.”

The school’s ideals “have been beautifully articulated by the second wave of black feminists,” Armbrust said, adding that she wants to build and grow those ideals. She said her inspiration for a “feminine economy” grew out of her thinking that capitalism rewards masculine behaviors and traits, and wanting to consider what a system that rewarded feminine traits would look like.

Armbrust said she’s not an economist and doesn’t aspire to be one, but rather directs her work at “people who want to thrive without compromising their creative integrity and political beliefs. These tend to be women and artists.”'

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... warmed over, I'm guessing. It's fine until you run out of money and have nothing of value to show for it.

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I was going to comment that she is naive and obviously not a deep thinker, but then I realize she is a college teacher....wait, she is the founder of a business school....a "feminist business school"...a school that doesn't believe in capitalism.....

How on earth does this school survive, who would pay to attend?

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"... she’s not an economist and doesn’t aspire to be one ..." but she wants to train them, using touchy-feely theories. Perhaps, instead of an office in her school, she'll be in a cave somewhere, feeding on dew and imparting her wisdom in aphoristic utterances to the wide-eyed credulous who seek her out.

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. . . rewards masculine traits because males are the ones who are forced to disproportionately create a larger part of the economy. That is, if a man does not find a way to earn money and support himself, no one will pick up the slack for him. This is less frequently the case with women.

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Women can always sling pussy for $ whether it be turning tricks or working a rel'p w/ a man to get him to subsidize/pay for her. Men aren't so optioned in life. In the ME, this is especially so given their religiously-enforced gender roles. Recent MANN post here hints at it. Male teachers don't make enough money to do what: get married. H@ving sex out of wedlock is a bloody CRIMINAL offense so if a guy is going to get any, he has to get married or risk being jailed for doing what comes naturally to people of both sexes and has for countless millennia. This is why I really don't like over 90% of the world's religious stuff: it either asks or forces people to live utterly contrary to their nature as human beings. But anyway, who thus can blame these men in the ME for hating their jobs? In their case it's all part of a system of laws and social standards that place men in no-win situations and tell them to just deal with it. Why the Hell anyone stays in places like this much less allows the powers that be to get away with it, I dunno. Anyway, this quote re a school admin in Jordan says it all: "He sometimes runs into his male teachers working their second jobs at restaurants or malls. “They say: ‘What can I do? I want to get married. I want to buy a car.’”"

I wouldn't stay living in places like this much less visit one for all the tea in China. I mean, why the Hell would I want to go someplace where just by being there, most of my human rights are vacated?

Anyway, I feel for all those people over there. Just when TF are they going to get around to overthrowing a few gov'ts and choosing how they want to live rather than have it dictated to them by a bunch of old buzzards in robes?

Guess I'm just too Yankee to imagine life any other way than it being on my own terms. If the gov't tells me it's bad to go around robbing ppl/killing, THAT I am totally get. But telling me to go pray OR ELSE? Or don't SCREW?? Not a chance. I wouldn't tolerate it for a second, much less a minute.

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