Germany: Mum Sofina Nikat pleads guilty to "infanticide" over death of toddler

Article here. Jump the paywall by Googling the first couple paragraphs. Excerpt:

'A YOUNG mum has been released on bail hours after she admitted killing her young 14-month-old daughter.

When little Sanaya Sahib went missing Sofina Nikat told police she had been out walking with her daughter when the toddler was abducted by a barefoot African man smelling of alcohol.

In reality, Nikat, 24, suffocated the little girl then dumped her body in a Heidelberg creek during a walk to the park on April 9 last year.
She told police she killed her baby because she thought the child was possessed.

Nikat was charged with murder but today, her 24th birthday, pleaded guilty to a charge of infanticide.

She was the fifth Victorian woman to plead guilty to the charge that applied when a woman kills her child while mentally disturbed as a result of the birth.

While the offence carries a maximum penalty of five years’ jail, just one woman has been jailed for infanticide in Victorian history.'

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Truly Disgusting

Another fact that really exposes feminism's vile true colors for what they are is feminists' insistence that the courts treat women with kid gloves, even when they are child molesters or even child killers.

OTOH, what do you expect from the biggest unborn-baby-murder-supporting lobby in the world?

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