Push for Gender Equality in Tech? Some Men Say It’s Gone Too Far

Article here. Excerpt:

'Mr. Altizer said that a gathering he hosts in person and online to discuss men’s issues had grown by a few dozen members this year to more than 200, that the private Facebook pages he frequents on men’s rights were gaining new members and that a radical subculture calling for total male separatism was emerging.

“It’s a witch hunt,” he said in a phone interview, contending men are being fired by “dangerous” human resources departments. “I’m sitting in a soundproof booth right now because I’m afraid someone will hear me. When you’re discussing gender issues, it’s almost religious, the response. It’s almost zealotry.”

Mr. Altizer is part of a backlash against the women in technology movement. While many in the tech industry had previously dismissed the fringe men’s rights arguments, some investors, executives and engineers are now listening. Though studies and surveys show there is no denying the travails women face in the male-dominated industry, some said that the line for what counted as harassment had become too easy to cross and that the push for gender parity was too extreme a goal. Few were willing to talk openly about their thinking, for fear of standing out in largely progressive Silicon Valley.'

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Well it IS the NYT. But they utterly mischaracterize MGTOW. MGTOW is not a male separatist movement. It's a collection of ideas that balances off the ideas propagated in the 1970s regarding the role the sexes can play in one another's lives. 2nd wave feminism taught women that boys on the side was fine. And indeed, it is. Nothing wrong with a woman de-prioritizing romantic/sexual rel'ps w/ men so that they are not central to their consideration of what to do and be in life. MGTOW just says the same thing is true vis-a-vis men and the role of women in their lives. It's simply a balancing out of the equation of expectations and inclinations.

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Another article that completely misses the fundamental flaw in these equality in representation initiatives. Equal numbers of men and women in all professional jobs is not what empowerment and nondiscrimination are about. Freedom to choose is true freedom.
Initiatives that favour women in terms of employment and promotion just top loads these professions.
The end result of these initiatives is more women in positions of upper management than are represented in the general work force of the profession, telling men what to do. Sound familiar?

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... it's another very good reason to avoid marriage. :)

Seriously, I've had 4 or 5 female bosses in my life. All but one were fine. This one woman I had as a boss though... OMG, she was totally crazy. Paranoid, obsessive, neurotic, I thought she was going to have a heart attack one day. But the rest of my female bosses... no problem with them. Easy to work for.

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