A Campus-Rape Official Who Disses Men Online

Article here. Excerpt:

'Can male students expect a fair process when a member of the school’s department responsible for handling sexual assault accusations has posted anti-male sentiments online?

This year Northwestern University, above, hired Kate Harrington-Rosen as its Equity Outreach and Education Specialist for the Office of Title IX/Equal Opportunity and Access. In this capacity, she is responsible for “developing and delivering training for students, faculty, and staff on Title IX policy and procedures, as well as tracking and assessing education and prevention efforts across campus,” according to the Evanston, Ill., school.

Her “about” page on Northwestern’s website mentions Harrington-Rosen’s web sideline the Not Sorry Project, which the school said aims “to give space and voice to women, femmes, and other marginalized groups.” But the Not Sorry Project includes content that could be considered anti-male.'

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To Bigotrix-in-Residence at Northwestern University, Kate Harrington-Rosen:
So, you're not sorry. Well, I have no idea who's asking you for an apology, but be as unrepentant as you like. But please be aware that I, and lots of other men, also have things for which we're not sorry.
1- I'm not sorry for having been born male. Your brand of femi-bigots are always speaking and acting as if we ought to be sorry, as if we owe you an apology for having been born male. We don't.
2- No man who identifies as male--who is "cis," to use the currently fashionable term that drips with prejudice--owes anyone an apology for that identification. I was born with external plumbing, which means that I'm male. And I'm not sorry to you or to anyone for recognizing that blindingly obvious fact.
3- I owe no one an apology for violent tendencies because ... I don't have them. At least not any more than you yourself have. And if you claim that I have more violent tendencies than you do just because I'm male, then that makes you a bigot (but we already knew that). I don't beat my wife, never have, and I don't give a damn whether you believe that or not. I owe no one an apology for exercising power or hegemony in the home, because I don't. If anything, I yield to my wife's wishes more often than she yields to mine. So, sorry, but not sorry.
4- I owe no one an apology for my position within my profession. You see, my area of specialization as a college professor has more women than men. I didn't get my position or my rank because I'm male. Don't bleat to me about privilege. I've seen too many hiring decisions in my department tilted toward women just because they are women. So, I'm not sorry about any "privilege" you claim I have.
5- Mostly, I'm not sorry about not being cowed by your bullying, or by the bullying of people like you (who are becoming far too numerous in the academy). You hold enormous power over people's fates and lives, yet you wrap yourselves in victimhood. I am not sorry for calling you out on your bullying and your bigotry. And I'm not sorry for calling you despicable, because you are.

[There's much more I could add, but this is getting to long. I invite other men to add what they're not sorry for.]

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1. ...largely ignoring these people. Despite being the MANN admin, I spend very little time worrying much about them. That is bc as with all nasty people, I simply don't allow them into my life nor do I go places that they are found. It's a big country. And life's too short to let nasty, God-awful people burn too much of it for you.

2. ...not making women the center of my universe. I am one of these guys that implemented MGTOW before I even knew the the acronym existed.

I realized years back what had happened during the 1970s: a general de-prioritization of relationships with men by women as a class. I soon learned that most women I knew were simply using men in their lives as a convenience. Money, entertainment, someone to have as an accessory, etc. Should a man become or not prove to be that convenient, she just would find a new one. Most women if not all women I knew in my younger days who still wanted an LTR and/or marriage to a man wanted it largely to get their more traditional parents, usually mothers, off their backs, and to assuage their insecurities about the job market or just avoid working altogether in exchange for life as a house-hooker. I was raised in a standard married-couple family myself and always thought it was the default model for life. But shortly after heading out into the big bad world alone, I discovered that the 20-something women my own age were not much like dear old mom, which was a good thing... except in that they did not really view their male classmates and generation-mates as being of importance to them. Again, a convenience. Marriage was only to men with a fair bit to offer (ie, they came from well-off families) or because mom wouldn't leave them alone about it.

So I decided that concerning myself about getting hitched to one of these girls was a bad idea. Marriages often didn't last long and the lady quickly showed her hand once her hubby ran into some kind of problem: lost job, etc.

Placing a rel'p as the central focus of concern in life simply did not make sense. So I stopped. I dated, yes, had rel'ps, but never walked down any aisles. I had a few women try to shame, cajole, even threaten me into asking them to marry me (isn't that hilarious? THEY want to be married but want YOU to ask THEM!), but I wisely walked away when they got into that state. I was in fact married for over 5 years to a very nice woman who was a bit exceptional in her attitude towards men, but alas it did not work out. We went our separate ways quite amicably without the usual nastiness that most divorces entail. Rule 1: If you get married, marry someone not likely to go ape if you divorce. But these days I'd suggest you avoid legally-binding rel'p arrangements entirely. Just not worth the risk.

I run into a lot of men like myself these days. Most have never heard of "MGTOW", but like me, came to the conclusion that single-ness is by and large a lot better a state that married-ness. TBH I know of no married man who seems very happy but a lot of single men do.

So no, I am not the least bit sorry for not placing the ladies central to my life's concerns. After all, they're not sorry for not placing me there. Seems to be working for us both so I wonder why anyone is too worked up about it.

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