Laura Kipnis Says She Faced Another Title IX Investigation, This Time for Her Book

Article here. Excerpt:

'Laura Kipnis, the Northwestern University professor whose Chronicle article titled “Sexual Paranoia Strikes Academe” sparked a chain of events that led to a Title IX investigation of her, faced another inquiry, The New Yorker reports. That one was prompted by the publication of her book Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus, she said.

In her initial essay in The Chronicle, Ms. Kipnis argued that a culture of protection rather than empowerment around sexual issues on campuses was wrongheaded. The response to that essay included the filing of a Title IX complaint against Ms. Kipnis, alleging, in part, that the essay had had a chilling effect on complaints, and an investigation was opened. She chronicled the proceedings in another Chronicle essay, “My Title IX Inquisition,” and was cleared of wrongdoing.

But over the summer, The New Yorker reports, Ms. Kipnis faced another university investigation, prompted by the publication of her new book. The allegations, according to the magazine, were similar to those of the first complaint. In a statement to the university, Ms. Kipnis wrote that “these complaints seem like an attempt to bend the campus judicial system to punish someone whose work involves questioning the campus judicial system, just as bringing Title IX complaints over my first Chronicle essay attempted to do two years ago.”'

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of higher learning an more. they are bastions of feminist doublespeak.

they represent how gov programs like title ix and affirmative
action can start out w/ good intentions and get hijacked by those looking for
the 'easy way' to the top. the very idea that these so called bastions of higher learning can and do stifle free speech is appalling. the coal mine canary for locating marxism in the university is apparently finding where free speech and the exchange of ideas are cut short, or shouted down. the once best has devolved into the worst.

in short, when free speech and free interaction is attacked, that is no longer a learning environment. it is a type of brainwashing, aided by gov largesse.

the other day I was observing an optical (medical) procedure taking place in north korea where some western doctors were removing cataracts and replacing the lenses w/ new, flexible, plastic-like ones. I've had this surgery done myself. it is truly amazing. the procedure is a simple one, not very costly and can in a matter of minutes make a blind person see 20/20 again. each poor, pitiful recipient was ecstatic at the immediate results. what was shocking wasn't the remarkable surgery, or their joy at seeing again. it was the fact that not one of them thanked the doctors, or the organization that sent them there. each one thanked 'dear leader' first and foremost. its called brainwashing on a very large scale. marxism 101.

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