Canada: Higher ticket price for white men sparks backlash

Article here. Excerpt:

'Organizers of a comedy film series screening at the Roxy Theatre this month are facing a backlash after setting higher ticket prices for white men.

Tickets for the Victoria première of Building the Room are being set with what organizers call “justice pricing.”

When tickets went on sale last week, prices were listed as $20 for “cisgender” white males and $10 for everyone else. Cisgender is a term for someone whose gender identity matches their sex at birth, as opposed to someone who is transgender.

Sid Mohammed, a spokesperson for the event, said the idea behind justice pricing was to “try to combat privilege in a tangible way.”'

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1. Openly discriminate
2. Face "backlash"
3. Claim it's for a good cause
4. Claim victimhood
5. Rinse and repeat

Possibly they simply don't want any white guys to attend. There are ppl who do not want white guys around. To stop us from going to places they are, they simply create discriminatory terms of business (illegally, in most places) knowing most white men will simply take a pass. Objective reached: no nasty old white men around. Hooray!

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So... This is the same crowd that preaches "gender fluidity," and for whom the idea of race as "social construct" is unassailable doctrine. So ... How in the world can they be consistent with themselves and determine who is "white" and who is "cis gendered" (not to mention who is even male)?

We see this all the time on the cultural left. The speak out of both sides of their mouths. Depending on the circumstance, things like race, sexual orientation, sexual identity, etc., are "fluid" and chosen at will, while at other times they are absolute, written in our genes, a source of unquestionable identity. Heads they win, tails we lose.

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Re-defining words at will, changing frames and contexts, are a big part of mind-fuckery. Want to have fun? Next time you are told that your cis-gendered straight white male ass isn't wanted, insist you identify as a black bisexual woman and insist you be treated that way. Watch the confusion.

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