College program will help students cope with 'toxic masculinity'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Missouri State University (MSU) has created a program to help men tackle “toxic masculinity,” citing rising levels of “depression, anxiety and mental health concerns” among male students.”

The program, called “Men Addressing Social Construction” (MASC), is a collaborative effort launched by university officials to facilitate student dialogue and help “men and male-identifying students” appreciate the impact “toxic masculinity” has had on their lives.

Coordinator of Multicultural Programs and LGBT Student Services Matthew Banks told The Standard that students “are struggling with things in a system like toxic masculinity,” which he defined as a “pervasive idea that punishes men who are ‘feminine’ or experience ‘feminine’ tendencies.”'

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Never ceases to amaze. A program re "toxic masculinity" that isn't for men.

Notice who joined the maiden voyage.

Just what are college students paying for these days?

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